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Aim & Object


Aim & Objective

           We provide student a through training that will allow them to build up a professional carrer in their field of interest.

Ø  The mission aims at the empowerment of youth through imparting them technical skill and encouraging their self economical reliability.

Ø  To empower youth through income generating skill and entrepreneurship.

Ø  Promote the youth to and full participation on the basis of quality with youth in economic opportunity and education.

Ø  To develop and disseminate strategies that can be used in analyzing the local situation and developing innovative skill at the local level.

Ø  To facilitate economic development suitable skill up gradation training will be given to the youth to provide quality training to inoculate self-employment among the youth.

Ø  To encourage sustainable development that be create an economic validity for present and future generation.

Ø  To facilitate the development of skill that increase vocational & traning of opportunities.

Ø  The value attitudes and skill necessary to change behavior regards to nature resource management.